This week, February 13-17, 2012 is Social Media Week (SMW)!

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By Lindsey Dietz, MBA Class of 2012

SMW is an emerging trade show in its third year that takes place in 21 cities across the globe. The purpose is to discuss and share emerging trends in the ever-changing landscape of social media. The discussion spans across diverse industries, technology platforms, cultural and geographical areas.  This year, the overarching topic is the global impact of social media and how it drives social, political, economic and even cultural change. SMW is owned and operated by a New York based strategy firm called Crowdcentric Media LLC.

Social Media Week

Nicky Yates of Crowdcentric Media wrote the introductory post to kick off SMW12. The post – which can be found on the global blog alongside daily updates from SMW12 – informs interested readers on ways they can follow and engage in the discussions taking place at SMW12. Attendees and fans can engage in the following “social” activities, to provide and receive real-time updates during the event.

  1. SMW RealTime: A data aggregation dashboard that gives up to date tracking and trending information regarding the show.
  2. Twitter: Individuals interested in the show can follow and interact on Twitter. To make it a little more interesting, each SMW host city has its own twitter handle. They are competing for attention and engagement. You can get involved!
  3. Social Media Week Live: Live streams of the content being offered at the shows from different cities.
  4. Social Media Week Blogs: There is the global blog located on the main SMW website and city specific blogs written by college students and editorial staff.
  5. SMW Mobile App: The app is available in six languages and makes it easier to engage while on the move.

Social media are tools for customer engagement. In our e-marketing class we drilled down to define engagement and how it differs from conversion. Engagement uses interactions and relationships, which are qualitative, pull strategies. Social Media Week is all about engagement and metrics. Crowdcentric Media is focused on engagement for SMW12, and is likely measuring successes based on the level of engagement created.

What metrics are they likely using to measure engagement?

Which of the five following activities described in the blog are engagement tactics? Why do you think so?

Based on the dashboard information provided with SMW Real Time do you think they are successful at generating engagement?

One of the videos created for SMW12 is “Future Hipsters.” This is a funny video depicting a group of social media gurus in 2062 reminiscing about the good old days. Check it out for a laugh:

  1. davidhart27 says:

    I feel that all 5 activities are going to be used for engagement purposes. Where it is going to get really awesome and crazy is when we begin to see how they all overlap and connect with each other. This is where people see how powerful social media real is in our lives because people can communicate in different languages and on different platforms such as mobile, laptop, Ipad, and whatever hasn’t been mentioned and still have their message seen in numerous major cities across the world in real time. Pretty amazing and complicated sounding.

    As far as metrics for measuring, I feel they will use some of the standards such as number of tweets, number of blog posts, amount of time engaging in videos, pictures, responding to posts with counter-posts, but I wonder if they have a way to measure the type of messages being sent or created and if they have influence or power on others doing it also.

    More to be revealed…..

    • lindseydietz says:

      I agree that it would be complicated to run an international campaign of this magnitude. I gathered that they have different groups in each city in charge of Social Media for the show in their region. I liked the idea of competition to get the staff more involved and focused on engaging the show visitors.

      As for the types of messages I believe they can measure trending words to identify the most common topics in discussion. I think they pay close attention to this so they can relevant and involved in the discussion.

  2. michelleblum says:

    Nice article. I find it difficult to measure Social Media using traditional tools. By measuring only leads/sales, key benefits are not discovered. But at the same time, measuring engagement is hard to do because it is often subjective. Social media teaches us to see things from the perspective of our audience and gives feedback in near real-time. When companies/organizations forget this, we get a situation like the Komen fiasco last week. Love the video!

    • lindseydietz says:

      Thank you for the feedback Michelle, I agree that marketers need to understand the audience perspective.
      What do you think you will be saying about today’s social media when you are retired in 2062?

      • michelleblum says:

        Do you remember when facebook used to be for college students only? Then it opened up to the public and our parents started joining, and then our grandparents? It was horrifying. One elderly person I know posted a link for Depends (the incontinence product) on their profile by accident and I couldn’t find the words to tell them. I still feel bad.

  3. Maxwell Hoffman says:

    Like you said in the post social media are tools for customer engagements. So I feel that each activity is and engagement tactic. And they are reaching their target on many devices which aligns themselves with the direction they want to go. Going along with other replies, the way they can measure their engagement is through likes, followers, and other web analytics.

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